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Noun1.paramilitary organisation - a group of civilians organized in a military fashion (especially to operate in place of or to assist regular army troops)
fedayeen - (plural) Arab guerrillas who operate mainly against Israel
Fedayeen Saddam, Saddam's Martyrs - a feared paramilitary unit formed in 1995 by young soldiers to serve Saddam Hussein against domestic opponents
personnel, force - group of people willing to obey orders; "a public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens"
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What made the ministry act so resolutely?Gajdoscaron followed the complaint that he lodged with the General Prosecutor's Office back in July over the activities of an organisation called the Slovak Levies."It's really unacceptable that members of this paramilitary organisation with an unclear purpose or any other members of similar organisations wear the uniforms of our armed forces, denotations of rank, insignia, symbols etc.
Archbishop Makarios was ousted by the Greek Cypriot Eoka-B paramilitary organisation, backed by the Greek junta, and was replaced by pro-Enosis (union with Greece) nationalist Nicos Sampson.
UUP leader Mike Nesbitt proposed the exit in response to a police assessment that the supposedly defunct paramilitary organisation's structures remain in place.
"Palencia Gonzalez is considered the main leader of Los Urabenos, a Colombian paramilitary organisation, and responsible for ordering a plan to murder officers of the Colombian national police," it said.
During a meeting with the widow of trade unionist leader Farhat Hached, he said he had ordered the opening of archives on the assassination carried out by the paramilitary organisation "The Red Hand," linked to French colonial authorities' security system.
Signorelli, a founder of the paramilitary organisation New Order before joining the neo-fascist Italian Socialist Movement, served eight years in jail in connection with the bombing of Bologna train station and the murder of two judges in 1980.
The newspaper says the letter from the SS paramilitary organisation was discovered in official archives containing files the Nazi secret police, or Gestapo, kept on Jewish lawyers and judges.
This naturally led to the Nazis because of their paramilitary organisation, not their political ideology.
The loyalists claim the PSNI's top officer interfered with their right to a fair hearing in court by publicly claiming they were leading figures in the paramilitary organisation, the Ulster Defence Association.
Aditya Arya, joint commissioner of Delhi Police, has said that the police are ready to stop any plans and will coordinate with the Central Industrial Security Force, which is a paramilitary organisation, if there is any anti-hijacking operation.
The paramilitary organisation, responsible for 1,800 murders in the past 30 years, ceased all armed activity from 4pm today.
Northern Ireland Secretary Paul Murphy decided to give the province's biggest loyalist paramilitary organisation another chance after assurances that it would end violence.