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Noun1.paramilitary organization - a group of civilians organized in a military fashion (especially to operate in place of or to assist regular army troops)
fedayeen - (plural) Arab guerrillas who operate mainly against Israel
Fedayeen Saddam, Saddam's Martyrs - a feared paramilitary unit formed in 1995 by young soldiers to serve Saddam Hussein against domestic opponents
personnel, force - group of people willing to obey orders; "a public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens"
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The balance of power in Iran favors the regime mainly because the powerful Iranian mullahs have coup-proofed themselves from the military and created an equivalent paramilitary organization called IRGC - Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
Deutsche Christen, a powerful paramilitary organization, led by a ruthless ex-Special Forces Officer, Carl Dietrich, is threatening to overthrow the U.S.
The WASPs, a paramilitary organization that ferried military aircraft and towed aerial training targets, were awarded military status in 1977 and determined to be eligible for interment in 2002.
Earlier on Sunday, Bahrain lodged a complaint to the Lebanese government after the Gulf Kingdom deemed recent remarks by Secretary General of political and paramilitary organization Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, as "a flagrant attack on the country's sovereignty".
In one case, a Shiite paramilitary organization backed by Iran has started redrawing the geography of central Iraq, building a road between Shiite parts of Diyala province and Samara, a Sunni city that is home to a major Shiite shrine visited by many Iranian pilgrims.
Speaking on the sidelines of Against Terrorism and Religious Extremism conference in Damascus, Dean told the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper that an American paramilitary organization is responsible for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists in the last several years.
The main concern of those mindful of the Constitution is not so much the weapons themselves, but rather what has come to be accepted as the right, and the legitimacy, of Hezbollah to set itself up as a paramilitary organization. This distinction, which is often overlooked, is critically important and must inform the negotiating stance of March 14 in future dialogue sessions.
Minister said that he is presently consulting his lawyers about the course of action he should take against The Country Report For Human Rights Practices 2011 where under the Country Report - Sri Lanka, it was alleged that EPDP ( Douglas Devananda as Minister of Social Services and Social Welfare - 2010; but he was appointed as Minister of Traditional Industries & Small Enterprise Development immediately after the April 2010 Parliamentary General Elections) as a pro-government paramilitary organization involved in killings and assaults of civilians.
7 (BNA) -- Venezuela has arrested one of Colombia''s most wanted fugitive drug lords and senior commander of paramilitary organization AUC (Autodefensas Unidas De Colombia / United Self-Defense Units of Colombia), Martin Llanos, together with his brother, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed late Monday.
Even a paramilitary organization under the name "United forces for Macedonia" appeared with a press-release that reads that those who protest against the indicted generals for case "Rastanski lozja" are prepared to "defend the homeland." The Ministry of Interior makes irony of the entire situation with the words that "it does not see any danger to undertake an activity for preventing possible incidents." To make the irony bigger, the Ministry expect the citizens to alone file charges.
The Hitler Youth was a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party comprised of teens and preteens that existed from 1922 to 1945
Fedayeen Saddam was a paramilitary organization loyal to the former Baathist government of Saddam Hussein.