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Noun1.paramilitary unit - a group of civilians organized in a military fashion (especially to operate in place of or to assist regular army troops)
fedayeen - (plural) Arab guerrillas who operate mainly against Israel
Fedayeen Saddam, Saddam's Martyrs - a feared paramilitary unit formed in 1995 by young soldiers to serve Saddam Hussein against domestic opponents
personnel, force - group of people willing to obey orders; "a public force is necessary to give security to the rights of citizens"
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Closing schools and preventing children from receiving an education is misguided and unfair -- pupils should not be punished because of the actions of an out-of-control paramilitary unit.
Ngotho's unnamed senior security officer and Kibati's story dismiss The Kenyatta Succession's attribution of a big political motive to the "Ngoroko Affair" the claim that the paramilitary unit was a highly trained standby assassination squad formed to execute an evil mission on behalf of a faction to which Mungai belonged.
The paramilitary unit - formerly known as the Janjaweed militia - gained notoriety in the Darfur conflict in western Sudan in 2003.
The Janjaweed militia that were responsible for atrocities in Darfur are the paramilitary unit responsible for the deaths, or the latest reign of terror.
Two Bosniak men from Srebrenica shot by the Serb paramilitary unit Scorpions in 1995 - murders that were videotaped by the notorious Serb fighters - have been identified after their remains were exhumed from a mass grave.
Some of Dar's friends told NYT that he turned to militancy after he was wounded at a protest in 2016, where his leg was struck by a bullet fired by the Central Reserve Police Force, a paramilitary unit. 'Many Kashmiris loathe the paramilitary unit, viewing it as an occupying force recruited from across India to suppress them,' the report added.
The Jihadi Paramilitary unit of Saraya al-Salam, the armed wing of the Sadrist Movement, announced the expulsion and freezing of a number of officials working in its formations.
by ALAN ERWIN NEARLY 30 suspected members of a loyalist paramilitary unit involved in drugs, punishment beatings and loan sharking are under police investigation, a court heard yesterday.
They say that 120 brigades from the Basij, the paramilitary unit of the Guard, participated in Friday's exercise outside the holy city of Qom in central Iran.
However, sources within the paramilitary unit said that the raid had been conducted on the basis of information obtained while interrogating the detained workers.
Al-Sheikh was detained last month after speaking at a seminar in which he criticized the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary unit and accused them of committing abuses in conflict zones.