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Of or relating to a syndrome or other systemic disturbance associated with but not directly related to a primary tumor or its metastases.
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Their topics include non-small cell lung cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, sarcomas and malignancies of the bone, oncological emergencies and paraneoplastic syndrome, and basic principles of radiation oncology.
6] Limbic encephalitis is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome which is associated with cancer.
Among the most likely culprits, she thought, were a paraneoplastic syndrome (whose symptoms are caused by substances circulating in the blood in response to a cancer), elevated levels of vitamin B6 or Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that attacks mucous members and joints.
Final diagnosis of 'Nephrotic Syndrome as a Paraneoplastic syndrome in a patient with Thymic mass' was made and planned for Thymectomy with excisional biopsy.
The large tumours rarely may cause paraneoplastic syndrome.
Although upon admission the patient reported a pruritic truncal rash of 2 weeks' duration, it was associated by the care team with either a cutaneous adverse drug reaction or with paraneoplastic syndrome, as she had recently been diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
These manifestations may be due to metastasis to musculoskeletal structures, paraneoplastic syndrome or immune reactions as well as adverse reactions to cancer specific chemotherapy.
Another possible diagnosis to be considered is the paraneoplastic syndrome, the remote effect of a systemic malignancy presenting as ocular inflammatory disease.
It has been described as a well characterized paraneoplastic syndrome that occurs uncommonly in dogs and rarely in cats, which is most often associated with primary intrathoracic masses (Henry, Carolyn, 2010).
As a paraneoplastic syndrome, this disorder is known to be frequently associated with a variety of malignancies, including the ones that are affecting the gastrointestinal system.
Summary of the appropriate indications for PET/CT Disease Screening Diagnosis Staging CNS tumours Rs Head & neck C Rs Rs Thyroid Rs Thymus C C Breast C Rs Lymphoma C R Langerhans cell histiocytosis C Multiple myeloma C Rs Carcinoma unknown primary Rs Rs Paraneoplastic syndrome Rs Melanoma Rs Lung cancers Rs Rs Pleural/mesothelioma C Rs Oesophagus Rs Gastric & pancreas C Colorectal and anal Rs Hepatobiliary C Sarcoma C Rs GIST Rs Genitourinary tract cancers C Male reproductive system C Female reproductive system Rs Non-FDG PET Neuroendocrine tumours C Rs ([sup.
The differential diagnosis of the lower limb thrombophlebitis, unresponsive to conventional therapy, requires the investigation for the diagnosis of paraneoplastic syndrome, thrombophilia or abdominal mass compression.
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