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paraphrasis, paraphrase

the recasting of an idea in words different from that originally used, whether in the same language or in a translation. Cf. metaphrasis, periphrasis. — paraphrastic, paraphrastical, adj.
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Noun1.paraphrasis - rewording for the purpose of clarification
recasting, rephrasing, rewording - changing a particular word or phrase
translation - rewording something in less technical terminology
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They cover the poetry of the Dionysiaca, the poetry of the Paraphrasis, and Nonnus of Panopolis in context.
Noelle Balley closes this section with a contribution dealing with the reception and condemnation leading to censorship of Erasmus's Paraphrasis by the Sorbonne's theologian, Noel Beda.
Gilbie translates the paraphrasis and the interpretatio in each case, but not the carmen.