A parapsychologist.
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(ˌpærəˈsaɪkɪk) or


of or relating to actions of the mind for which there are no scientific explanations
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Second, a person gifted with parapsychic" clairaudience" apparently hears and thus knows what other people think.
Brower (history, Weber State U.) uncovers and explores some surprising connections in modern France between those who study purported parapsychic experiences--communicating with the dead, telepathy, telekinesis, etc--and those who study the human psyche.
According to the author, the primary intent of this body of research is "to demonstrate that it [the hypothesis of the objective bodyconscious personal observation] is the most adequate hypothesis for explaining a greater series of consciential phenomena (phenomenology) which are currently considered to be parapsychic" (pp.
He makes it possible to re-examine from a different perspective some chapters of the ethnological literature concerned with magic powers, locating him as a continuator of the theories of authors who are being rediscovered today, such as Andrew Lang and Ernesto Martino, who established a strict relation between the magic vision of the world and the parapsychic phenomonology that often accompanies it.
Garay Lopez, another member of the dynasty Garay (which traces its origins to Juan de Garay who, in point of fact, founded Santa Fe in 1573), but the most entertaining figure is a parapsychic named Bianco, who in Europe is exposed as a fraud but resettles in Argentina on land granted him for having recruited a boat load of Calabrian peasants as fellow immigrants.