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The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis, that are inexplicable by science.

par′a·psy′cho·log′i·cal (-sī′kə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
par′a·psy·chol′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.parapsychological - beyond normal physical explanation
paranormal - not in accordance with scientific laws; "what seemed to be paranormal manifestations"
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[ˌpærəsaɪkəˈlɒdʒɪkəl] ADJparapsicológico
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To begin, the good news is that as far as the health of the Parapsychological Association goes, our membership in 2018 is approaching 400, which is higher than it has ever been.
From UFOs to secret aircraft and the CIA, shadowy government programs and unexplained events surrounding Area 51 are illuminated, including: The government's Nevada land-grab at Paradise Ranch; The U-2, the Blackbird, and the A-12 tests, refinements, and flights; The Robert Scott Lazar revelations; Roswell Incident and Project Mogul; The development of "black helicopters"; The "Autopsies--Bodies Unknown Origin 47" file; Intelligence gathering through ESP, parapsychological, and mind control; Secret research on teleportation; Vast, hollowed-out chambers, tunnels, and hidden underground facilities.
My parents once told me that when they initially encountered this activity, they had attributed it to a figment of their imagination, until a visitor from a university abroad, who was perhaps a pioneer in parapsychological research, had asked them specifically if they had ever experienced such phenomenon, which was a sign of Extra Sensory Perception or ESP.
Ramakrishna Rao (who is a philosopher and psychologist with expertise in Indian psychology, consciousness studies and parapsychological research; has published nearly 200 research papers and 15 books; served as the executive director of the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man; was the founder, head and professor of the Department of Psychology and Parapsychology; and vice-chancellor, Andhra University; and is currently president of the Asian Congress of Philosophy) offers comprehensive overview of the discipline of parapsychology and presents a full understanding of both its concepts, theories and methods, and its controversies, problems and prospects.
Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California, also pointed out in his book 'The Noetic Universe: The Scientific Evidence for Psychic Phenomena': 'Parapsychological facts are uncomfortable because there are no well-accepted explanations for why the facts should exist.
The author explains the concepts of physics and astronomy used in science fiction films, television series, novels, and short stories, in relation to the solar system, interstellar and faster-than-light travel, intelligent planets, dark matter, the multiverse and string theory, time travel, alternate universes, teleportation and replication, weaponry, force fields, extraterrestrial life, subatomic life, emotional robots, super-human and parapsychological powers, asteroid impacts, space colonies, and other aspects.
Bondu is equally interested in the development of human perception and mental faculties, in the unknown power that ideas have to drive our actions, and, above all, in experiments in "remote viewing," a parapsychological technique of long-distance perception that resonates with his own approach to the past.
Krippner (psychology, Saybrook U.), Rock, Beischel, Friedman, and Fracasso bring together a group of psychologists, philosophers, neuroscientists, and mental health practitioners from the US, Europe, and Australia, who present nine essays detailing advances in parapsychological research.
The film's plot revolves around a couple who find an entity, (we think it could be 'the apparition' itself but we may be wrong), that appeared as the result of a previous college parapsychological experiment (and now we know).
Oregon passed a law saying that a seller was not required to reveal that the property had been the scene of a crime, and witchy Massachusetts excused sellers from disclosing any "alleged parapsychological or supernatural phenomenon." Haunted-home buyers, unable to get relief from judges, now must seek out exorcists.
While she addresses both these topics, her main focus is the attempts by German scientists and psychologists to make systematic experiments that would elicit and record parapsychological responses.
In the introduction to Living Magic: The realities underlying the psychical practices and beliefs of Australian Aborigines (Chatto and Windus, London 1957), Ronald Rose wrote that his book is 'essentially the story of how parapsychological tests were applied to Australian Aborigines in an attempt to determine the fact and fancy underlying their magic'.