paraquat poisoning

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Noun1.paraquat poisoning - poisoning caused by ingestion of paraquat; characterized by progressive damage to the esophagus and liver and kidneys
intoxication, poisoning, toxic condition - the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance
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Furthermore, neurological tests should be conducted to examine the prevalence of chronic paraquat poisoning symptoms to be studied for the residents in Mai Chau province, the Northern Vietnam.
Paraquat poisoning is frequent in rural and agricultural regions around the world owing to the agricultural use of this compound as a herbicide.[1] It is readily available in agricultural areas of South Africa (SA), as evident in the case described below.
possible diagnoses; copper sulfate, boric acid, or paraquat poisoning
This proposed method was applied to the emergency case of paraquat poisoning. A 28-year-old woman was admitted to the local hospital department after intentionally ingesting some of 20% paraquat solution for 60 minutes.
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A diagnosis of paraquat poisoning was delayed, as he initially told health care workers that he had ingested glyphosate (Roundup).