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a. pararrectal, adyacente al recto.
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A very superficial peritoneal incision was created on the right side of the sacral promontory and continued on the right pararectal plane down to deepest part of the pouch of Douglas with a small extension onto the left side.
- Posteriorly: Endopelvic fascial sheath that covers the internal iliac artery and vein, cardinal ligament which separates it from the anterior part of pararectal space and uterine artery,
Pararectal mass: An atypical location of splenosis.
Rectosigmoid endometriotic nodules may present within the context of an obliterated posterior cul-de-sac, but the avascular pararectal space can be used to approach the nodules.
Hemoperitoneum of 2000 mL and active bleeding from ruptured pararectal vessels were identified.
The complications with the use of synthetic mesh occur due to its placement adjacent to the bladder and rectum involving extensive paravesical and pararectal dissection includes the passage of needles blindly through the obturator foramen or the ischiorectal fossa which in turn increase the potential for immediate complications like excessive bleeding, perforation of the bladder, rectum and blood vessels.
There are reports in the literature of various complications associated with rectal foreign bodies, including rectal bleeding, rectal mucosal abrasion and tears, rectal inflammation, pararectal abscess and fistulization to neighboring organs, rectal perforation, and peritonitis.
Since the patient was morbidly obese with a huge truncal circumference, we performed the hand port at the left pararectal line (8 cm) to gain closer access to the left kidney.
The second and third 12 mm trocars were placed along the left and right pararectal lines, two fingerbreadths below the costal arches.