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1. A speech defect or mannerism characterized by mispronunciation of the sounds (s) and (z) as (th) and (th).
2. A sound of or like a lisp: "The carpenter['s] ... plane whistles its wild ascending lisp" (Walt Whitman).
v. lisped, lisp·ing, lisps
1. To speak with a lisp.
2. To speak imperfectly, as a child does.
To pronounce with a lisp.

[From Middle English lispen, to lisp, from Old English -wlyspian (in āwlyspian, to lisp), from wlisp, lisping.]

lisp′er n.


One of the first high-level programming languages, designed to handle complex data structures. It is widely used in artificial intelligence research.

[lis(t) p(rocessing).]
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n. ceceo, sustitución de sonidos debido a un defecto en la articulación de las palabras, tal como el sonido de la z por la c, o el sonido de la c por la s.
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