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Noun1.parasitemia - a condition in which parasites are present in the blood
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
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Peripheral blood smear results showed numerous intraerythrocytic parasites consistent with a Babesia sp.; parasitemia was 25%-30% (Figure, panel A).
Even though microscopic examination was found to have less sensitivity especially during low parasitemia, it was the most common, conclusive, feasible and cost effective (Amritpal et al., 2014).
When parasitemia reached 40 %, parasitized RBCs were isolated by a cellulose column (CF-11 (Sigma), using NaCl 0.85 % solution).
According to an assessment carried out at the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria where children were screened for malaria parasitemia -falciparum malaria, blood group, haemoglobin genotype.
Parasitemia was determined every day by direct observation using an optical microscope.
falciparum, diagnosticada con GG con parasitemia de 5680/[micron]l.
A donor mouse with a parasitemia of approximately 30% was sacrificed and blood collected in a Petri-dish containing 2% trisodium citrate as anticoagulant.
The percent parasitemia and the erythrocytes were counted using the white blood cell count method.
These immunizations, which were carried out at the level of DNA or recombinant proteins, showed different degrees of protection (e.g., reduced parasitemia and survival).