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a. parasimpatolítico, que destruye o bloquea las fibras nerviosas del sistema nervioso parasimpático.
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Since, RMSSD, NN50, and pNN50 signify parasympathetic activities; therefore, we can infer that in the male cases the changes in the cardiac autonomic tone are parasympatholytic as compared to male controls.
Valethamate bromide exerts a preferential parasympatholytic or an anti-cholinergic effect on smooth muscles of gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary tract.
In contrast, parasympatholytic drugs used to dilate pupils in mammals (Richardson, 1964) are ineffective in birds.
Eliminating drugs that slow the heart rate, keeping movement of the endotracheal tube to a minimum, and, if necessary, giving a parasympatholytic agent such as atropine usually get rid of or markedly decrease the episodes of bradycardia.
Blockade of ovulation in the hen with adrenolytic and parasympatholytic drugs.