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A poisonous yellowish liquid organophosphate compound, C10H14NO5PS, used as an insecticide. Its use in the United States is highly restricted.

[para- + thio(phosphate), phosphoric acid salt (thio- + phosphate) + -on.]


(Elements & Compounds) a slightly water-soluble toxic oil, odourless and colourless when pure, used as an insecticide. Formula: C10H14NO5PS
[C20: from para-1 + thio- + -on]


(ˌpær əˈθaɪ ɒn)

a deep brown to yellow, poisonous liquid, C10H14NO5PS, used as an insecticide.
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Noun1.parathion - a colorless and odorless toxic oil used as an insecticide
insect powder, insecticide - a chemical used to kill insects


n paratión m
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Chlorpyrifos was the commonest type (26%) of OP compound consumed followed by dichlorvos (24%), quinalphos (14%), methyl parathion (8%) and others (Table 2).
Methyl parathion, an organophosphate alternative to DDT first suggested by EPA, had to be removed from use because of exposure deaths in farm workers that were handling the chemical.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently classified parathion as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2B) and malathion as "probably carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2A) based, in part, on induction of mammary gland adenocarcinomas in rats following subcutaneous injection (Guyton et al.
Tenders Are Invited For Supply Of Methyl Parathion Powder For Bhusawal Municipal Council
The most frequently used phosphate esters are malathion, parathion, phosmet, tetrachlorvinphos, azamethiphos, methyl parathion, diazinon, azinphos methyl, and fenitrothion.
Induction of micronuclei in Chalcalburnus tarichi (Pallas, 1811) exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of methyl parathion.
From the above it is performed the test with the selected chromatogram obtained error and graphical identification of pesticides (methyl parathion, Chlorpyrifos, Phenthoate), corresponding to the output of the network according to the weights obtained in training
En resumen, se observa que el parathion fue el compuesto con la mayor concentracion detectada (7,66 ppm) en todas las granjas, superando el limite maximo permitido por el Codex Alimentarias y la Union Europea para compuestos OF en visceras y carne porcina de 0,05 mg/Kg.
In one, the organophosphate insecticide methyl parathion was applied illegally in indoor settings.
These xenobiotics are cited methyl parathion (MPT) is most commonly used in Algeria [6].
Therefore, current investigation proposes the development and validation of a simple and economical GC-FPD method for the simultaneous determination of diazinon, ethion, malathion, methyl parathion and methyl pirimiphos (Figure 1) in bean samples from the southern region of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.