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One of the biggest legacy cases under investigation is Bloody Sunday where 14 people were killed by the Paratroop Regiment in Derry in 1972.
While there, a handful of the toughest troops were sent to Arisaig, in Western Scotland, to be trained as paratroop agents by British Special Operations.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Spokesman for Tajikistan's defense ministry said joint groups of paratroop forces from Tajikistan and Russia were being airlifted to possible points of incursions by terrorist groups on the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border.
MOSCOW, Dhu-AlQa'dah 5, 1435, Aug 31, 2014, SPA -- Ukraine has handed over a group of captured Russian paratroops and Russia has returned 63 Ukrainian soldiers who crossed into its territory last week, Russian news agencies quoted a paratroop commander as saying, according to Reuters.
Weapons collected at the airport after the rebels were forced out by airstrikes and a paratroop assault had been brought in from Russia, he said.
The abuse allegations follow an official apology issued by the British government for actions taken by members of the Paratroop Regiment in killing unarmed civilians in Derry, Northern Ireland, on Bloody Sunday, 1972.
Vishwanathan, the 20- member paratroop group was led by chief instructor of ParaTroopers School Wing Commander S.
Chavez was an army paratroop commander when he led the failed attempt to topple the government of President Carlos Andres Perez in 1992.
The 317th, at full operational strength, moved to Lawson Field, Fort Benning, Georgia, to participate in the training of paratroops and helping to solve certain important problems surrounding paratroop and cargo drops.
It can carry 116 fully equipped paratroops, who can jump two at a time from the ramp or through the paratroop side doors.
If others would like to have their photos included to ensure that these images - ships, blockships, aircraft, general views, troops, paratroop drops, etc.
In 1979, he graduated officers' school, and went on to serve as a paratroop company commander and platoon commander.