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One of two or more biological specimens or other elements from which a holotype was designated in the original published description of a species or subspecies.

par′a·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.
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Paratype: 1 [masculinidad] (dissected, terminalia in microvial), the same data as holotype (QCAZI 3017).
Paratype females: (n=4): L= 0.64-0.68 (0.65+-0.01) mm; a = 31.6-32.9 (31.9+-0.72), b= 5.9-6.3 (6.1+-0.15); c= 5.1-5.5 (5.3+-0.16); c'= 9.0-9.6 (9.3+-0.25); V%= 49-50.6 (49.9+-0.57).
18a) and one paratype (apparently worn), pointed in the other paratypes (Fig.
Records: 1, Paratype, Esmeraldas, km 17 Lita-Alto Tambo, 730 m, 19/05/1976, J.
Paratype [male], Body length: 44, head: 3, antennae: 22, pronotum: 2.5, mesonotum: 9, metanotum including median segment: 6, profemora: 13, mesofemora: 9, metafemora: 13, protibiae: 11, mesotibiae: 8, metatibiae: 12, tegmina: 2, alae: 17.
Body long, slender; holotype (MNHNCL ANN-15017) incomplete with 210 chaetigers, 30.1 mm long, thorax 2.2 mm wide, with 17 thoracic chaetigers; smallest complete paratype (MNHNCL ANN-15023) 14.2 mm long; largest complete paratype (SSUC 9008) 83.3 mm long.
Paratype: SOUTH AFRICA: 1[female] 'South Africa: Natal/Mhlopeni Nature Res./15 km SE Muden 2930AB / Coll: J.G.H.
Diagnosis: Dorsal rays XI,9 (1 female paratype with XI1,9); anal rays 111,9; pectoral rays 15; lateral line scales 17+7; median predorsal scales 5; horizontal rows of scales on cheek 2; gill rakers 13-15; body depth 2.85-3.40 in SL; body width 1.95-2.15 in body depth; head length 2.75-2.90 in SL; snout length 4.1-4.4 in head length; pelvic fin short, not reaching the base of the anal fin, 4.15-4.65 in SL; caudal fin rounded to truncate in females and moderately to strongly lunate in males, caudal concavity as great as 0.8 in head; eye large, orbit diameter 3.55-3.90 in head length.