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a. paraumbilical, adyacente al ombligo.
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Comparison between the short-term results of onlay and sublay mesh placement in the management of uncomplicated paraumbilical hernia: a prospective randomized study.
A fat pad, harvested at the beginning of surgery via a paraumbilical incision (5), was placed into the foramen as a marker for the extent of resection during the later thoracoscopic procedure.
Thin paraumbilical perforator-based cutaneous island flap for scrotal resurfacing.
It includes umbilical, paraumbilical, epigastric, spigelian and incisional hernias.
Umbilical hernia (UH) and paraumbilical hernia (PUH) are ventral herniae that occur in the region of the umbilicus or around the umbilicus (1, 2).
Showing location of lymph nodes based on ultrasonography (n=100) Location of Lymph Node Number Percentage % Right lower quadrant 80 80 Left lower quadrant 12 12 paraumbilical 8 8
Various reports [9-11] described PVT following pancreatitis; however acute recanalization of the paraumbilical vein is rare.
The current relative order of the various hernia repair types is as follows in decreasing frequency: inguinal, umbilical, epigastric, incisional, paraumbilical, femoral, and rare forms, for example, spigelian [1].
First, a right paraumbilical incision was made to introduce a Hasson trocar, which showed citric parauterine effusion and dolicosigma, and then, two other trocars were placed, one in the right lumbar region (10 mm) and the second in the left iliac region (5 mm).
The main signs (pathognomonic) of portal hypertension are the presence of portosystemic collaterals (flow in paraumbilical vein and development of splenorenal collaterals) and the reversal of portal vein flow.