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a. paravertebral, situado-a al lado de la columna vertebral.
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The paravertebral administration of analgesia is considered to be safer than neuraxial techniques such as epidurals in anti-coagulated patients but patients remain at risk of local anaesthetic toxicity.
Puntualizada la variacion se estudiaron minuciosamente el arco aortico, los nervios vagos, los nervios frenicos, y elementos pulmonares, como tambien la glandula tiroides, la traquea, los bronquios, troncos venosos, la venas acigos, la vena hemiacigos, el conducto toracico y la cadena paravertebral, con el fin de detectar malformaciones o patologias posibles en las estructuras mencionadas.
Paravertebral injections of triamcinolone and lidocaine reduced the degree of pruritus and sleep disturbance but were less effective in reducing other symptoms such as burning, tingling, and pain (Am.
Yeung was specifically concerned with brown fat in the supraclavicular, mediastinal, paravertebral and perirenal areas, as well as in muscle groups.
There was tenderness over the left paravertebral L2/3 level.
New techniques added to this edition include ultrasound in regional anesthesia, continuous nerve block techniques, paravertebral blocks, and selective nerve injection.
Paravertebral collection showed spondylodiscitis (T8-T9), caused by Scedosporium apiospermum.
Distribuidas de manera regular y a todo lo largo de la region paravertebral y el dorso de la cola se aprecian una serie de manchitas de color marron, cada una de las cuales cubre una escama de superficie.
While at the Pain Center for treatment of his jaw pain, he received paravertebral nerve block injections for treatment of severe back, shoulder, and neck pain from Dr.
The PROlign[TM], a unique back brace and abdominal support product, is designed to redirect the load off muscles while providing compression and cushioning of paravertebral soft tissue, allowing for healing and rest.
This study indicates that spinal flexibility, lifting with a straight back and strong paravertebral muscles help prevent back pain.
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