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(pɑrˈdi, pər-)

adv., interj. Archaic.
verily; indeed.
[1200–50; late Middle English pardie, Middle English parde < Old French par De < Latin per Deum by God]
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"Pardi," answered Athos "we only carried off his mother; the king has spoiled him of his name and property."
Country music artist Jon Pardi is featuring a Mack Anthem, which is made in Lower Macungie Township, in his latest music video, for the song "Night Shift."
His crackling voice is one of the most recognizable on the radio waves, and now rising country artist Jon Pardi brings his signature snarl tonight, Feb.
Summary: Pardi (Gujarat) [India], November 3 (ANI): Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said the party was going to win the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections because it has the truth on its side.
MILWAUKEE - University of Oregon student Evan Pardi finished 13th at the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships on Saturday to qualify for Team USA in the University Division (20-24).
Sources said that after the shocking incident of Narela where a 22- year- old woman was bludgeoned to death while her mother was critically injured by unidentified assailants in their residence, the Delhi Police suspected members of the ' Pardi tribe' from Madhya Pradesh were responsible for the incident.
Based in Dubai, Abukhlal reports to PeterPaul Pardi, CEO of Asset Management EMEA and Global Head of Distribution at BNY Mellon Investment Management.
He is to be based in London and will report to PeterPaul Pardi, chief executive of BNY Mellon Asset Management International and global head of distribution for BNY Mellon Investment Management.
Richard Pardi, the landlord of several small shopping centers and former owner of a chain of dry cleaning stores, specifies in his leases that drycleaners on his property use environmentally safe solvents.
Class valedictorian is Andrew Pardi, the son of Gail and Paul Pardi.
BNY Mellon (NYSE: BK), a company involved in investment management and investment services, has said that it has named PeterPaul Pardi as global head of distribution for its Investment Management business.
Established in 1929, the Sardar Bhiladwala Pardi People's Co-operative Bank's main objective is to help improve the lives of farmers, small traders and artisans.