pardon me

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عَفواً، العَفْو
prepáčte, že


(ˈpaːdn) verb
1. to forgive. Pardon my asking, but can you help me?
2. to free (from prison, punishment etc). The king pardoned the prisoners.
1. forgiveness. He prayed for pardon for his wickedness.
2. a (document) freeing from prison or punishment. He was granted a pardon.
used to indicate that one has not heard properly what was said. Pardon? Could you repeat that last sentence?
beg someone's pardon
to say one is sorry (usually for having offended someone else etc). I've come to beg (your) pardon for being so rude this morning.
I beg your pardon
I'm sorry. I beg your pardon – what did you say? I wasn't listening.
pardon me interjection
expressing a polite apology, especially for not agreeing with someone. Pardon me for interrupting you.
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