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1. One that pardons: a pardoner of the sins of others.
2. A medieval ecclesiastic or layman authorized to raise money for religious works by granting papal indulgences to contributors.


1. (Roman Catholic Church) (before the Reformation) a person licensed to sell ecclesiastical indulgences
2. (Historical Terms) (before the Reformation) a person licensed to sell ecclesiastical indulgences


(ˈpɑr dn ər)

1. a person who pardons.
2. (during the Middle Ages) an ecclesiastic authorized to sell indulgences.
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Noun1.pardoner - a person who pardons or forgives or excuses a fault or offense
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
2.pardoner - a medieval cleric who raised money for the church by selling papal indulgences
absolver - someone who grants absolution
churchman, cleric, ecclesiastic, divine - a clergyman or other person in religious orders
References in classic literature ?
No foible is too trifling for Chaucer's quiet observation; while if he does not choose to denounce the hypocrisy of the Pardoner and the worldliness of the Monk, he has made their weaknesses sources of amusement (and indeed object-lessons as well) for all the coming generations.
Then there were such unworthy charlatans as the pardoners and professional pilgrims, traveling everywhere under special privileges and fleecing the credulous of their money with fraudulent relics and preposterous stories of edifying adventure.
'Gluttonous wasters' are there, lazy beggars, lying pilgrims, corrupt friars and pardoners, venal lawyers, and, with a lively touch of realistic humour, cooks and their 'knaves' crying, 'Hot pies!' But a sane balance is preserved--there are also worthy people, faithful laborers, honest merchants, and sincere priests and monks.
There was a pardoner, a man who sold pardons to those who had done wrong, and a sumpnour or summoner, who was so ugly and vile that children were afraid of him.
"He hugs it to him as the devil hugged the pardoner."
Lacan has of course troubled Chaucerians sporadically since his entry into the theoretical pantheon some time ago: in the last couple of decades, Erin Labbie has put the two writers in dialogue with one another, while the idea of desire as ravenous absence also hovers behind Carolyn Dinshaw's reading of the Pardoner. Scala goes further than these intermittent references, however.
FYI, Newfields is where the bear pardoner, Guv Sununu, resides.
(His jailer and pardoner, Gloria Arroyo, is now herself under arrest.)AaAaAeAe
Moscow Victory Pardoner this year is going to be one of the largest and most ambitious.