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The Richmond Fed index was the sole data release and continued to pare back from record highs.
A slowdown in Asia had prompted US and European investment banks to pare back their deal making positions in Asia.
The automaker continues to pare back passenger car production in the United States and place a greater emphasis on crossovers and SUVs.
USPRwire, Tue Feb 16 2016] We maintain our bearish outlook on China's long-term crude oil and liquids production, as low oil prices continue to prompt the country's largest producers to cut spending and pare back high-cost production.
Lira was expected to pare back gains through Tuesday as investors would weigh fall in inflation less than expectations.
SUPERMARKET Waitrose said it will create 2,000 jobs this year as it bucks the recent trend among its bigger rivals to pare back store openings.
Underlining the need to maintain efforts at structural reforms of ageing economies and pare back debt and deficits run up during the financial crisis, the EU's new chief executive told the European Parliament in Strasbourg that his plan would be the third leg of a strategy to get Europeans back to work.
When asked about Carney's comments, Clegg reportedly said "I think if he says that we need to pare back on some of the government schemes like Help to Buy, then I think we should do so.
The Federal Reserve is widely expected to pare back its $85 billion monthly purchases of bonds at its two-day meeting, ending on Wednesday.
Falls also track lower global shares on concerns that minutes of the US Federal Reserve's Julypolicy meeting may add to suspicions it will soon pare back on stimulus.
I would contend that this is only part of the story, and a combination of factors came together to take the heat out of the economy, including early year FX weakness and volatility, heightened political risk in the region (eg Syria), plus also uncertainty in Europe and the eurozone which all told encouraged domestic consumers to pare back consumption.
In placing 967 workers on leave, the county is seeking to pare back the approximately $12 million a month it spends on payroll.