pare down

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Verb1.pare down - decrease gradually or bit by bit
minify, decrease, lessen - make smaller; "He decreased his staff"
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w>pare down

vt sep (fig) expenseseinschränken; personneleinsparen; to pare something down to the minimumetw auf ein Minimum beschränken
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Despite claims to the contrary, US insurers assessed by the firm have not taken measures to pare down their investment and involvement in the coal industry.
As previously reported, Morgan Stanley analyst Vikram Malhotra downgraded Healthcare Realty Trust (HR) and Healthcare Trust of America (HTA), both to Equal Weight from Overweight, as he recommends investors pare down their Medical Office REIT exposure.
And even if Greece was able to pare down the debt without killing its economy through an acute aggregate demand shock, the country anyway has a huge competitiveness problem.
Summary: JOPLIN, Missouri, Jumada II 24, 1432 / May 27, 2011, SPA -- The death toll from the massive tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, reached 132 Friday, a city spokeswoman said, while the state worked to pare down the list of people missing and unaccounted for since the storm, according to AP....
CHEMICAL firm SABIC, revealing its first quarterly loss in eight years, said it was to pare down its global workforce in response to reduced demand for plastics and fertilisers.
A certain percentage of people will drop out at each point of friction in the process, so pare down the requests for information to those that you need--i.e., don't ask for a fax number that you'll never use.