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The vascular increments are produced by a master cambium, a lateral meristem that begins in the cortex and functions for long periods as a single functional meristematic cell layer, producing conjunctive tissue (a type of parenchyma, usually), then a vascular cambium, inwardly (Fig.
It is defined as multiple hepatic adenomas (>4-10 lesions) in the normal liver parenchyma (1,2).
Idiopathic renal replacement lipomatosis is an extremely rare benign condition of the kidney wherein the kidney parenchyma is replaced by mature adipocytes.
Bamboo culms consist of vertically arranged parenchyma tissue, fiber tissue, and conductive tissue (including vessel and phloem).
"We observed that EBV is present in both MS and control brains, with EBV-infected B cells and plasma cells more prevalent and localized to MS brain lesions in the parenchyma. By contrast, EBV-infected B cells and plasma cells in non-MS brains were shown to be localized to vascular tissues.
Having a limited amount of airspaces in the central tissue would help to minimise water loss from the central parenchyma of the leaf.
In sugarcane, culm parenchyma cell may be a strong additional demand component of sucrose.
The testes of African ostrich consisted of a capsule and parenchyma. The capsule was divided into three annular layers, and the parenchyma consisted of tubular compartments and interstitial tissue.
The goals of this preliminary study were (1) to compare mpMRI metrics and FDG-PET SUVs between HCC and liver parenchyma in HCC patients undergoing simultaneous PET/MRI and (2) to assess the relationships between mpMRI and FDG-PET SUV parameter values in HCC lesions and liver parenchyma.
It results from penetrating the tracheobronchial tree; however, rupturing lung parenchyma is even a rarer situation.
For this purpose, the lung parenchyma has a dense capillary network mediating gaseous exchange.
Changes in the abdominal circumferences, volumes of intrahepatic cysts, hepatic parenchyma volume, and whole liver, clinical symptoms, laboratory data, and complications were evaluated after TAE.