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1. Anatomy The tissue characteristic of an organ, as distinguished from associated connective or supporting tissues.
2. Botany A simple plant tissue, composed of thin-walled cells and forming the greater part of leaves, roots, the pulp of fruit, and the pith of stems.

[New Latin, from Greek parenkhuma, visceral flesh, from parenkhein, to pour in beside : para-, beside; see para-1 + en-, in; see en in Indo-European roots + khein, to pour; see gheu- in Indo-European roots.]

pa·ren′chy·mal, par′en·chym′a·tous (păr′ĕn-kĭm′ə-təs) adj.
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Interstitial lung disease, is an umbrella diagnosis given to a varity of diffuse parenchymal lung diseases.
Regarding the differential diagnosis of renal cysts; in 89 (89%) patient simple renal cysts were detected, hydronephrosis in 7 (7%), renal parenchymal disease in 2 (2%), polycystic disease in 1 (1%), and hematoma in 1 (1%) were observed.
It has been reported that amiodarone-induced pleural effusion may be accompanied by the lung parenchymal involvement (3).
4] Intraventricular cysts may be single or multiple, and frequently coexist with multiple parenchymal and subarachnoid cysts.
2,3) Various forms of neurological problems can be seen in BD, and can be classified in two major groups: The first, central nervous system (CNS) parenchymal involvement with a predilection to brainstem-diencephalic regions, is seen in the majority of patients with NBD.
In June 2007, a radiologist reported a large area of parenchymal distortion but concluded that it was related to the previous biopsy.
Paediatric respiratory disease; parenchymal diseases.
Upon digital subtraction angiography (DSA) standard, that is, anterior- posterior and lateral, images in most cases were usually taken at 2-3 frames per second, to involve arterial, parenchymal and venous phases.
The internist noted that the chest radiograph showed parenchymal densities in the right lung.
They focus on common problems and primary hypertension and cover aspects such as hypertension, pregnancy, and the pill; renal parenchymal hypertension; and hypertension induced by cortisol or deoxycorticosterone.
Drug-induced pulmonary diseases due to beta-blockers have been published previously as pulmonary parenchymal infiltration and pleurisy, but bilateral multifocal and extensive pleural thickening alone has not been mentioned previously.
There is no FDA-approved treatment for IPF, a progressive, irreversible diffuse parenchymal lung disease of unknown etiology that is typically diagnosed after age 50.