parental leave

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parental leave

A leave of absence granted to a parent to care for a new baby.

paren′tal leave′

a leave of absence for a parent to care for a new baby.
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However, the Labour Party did not introduce paid parental leave for the stated reason that it was too great a cost.
One of the bill's main provisions includes an increase in parental leave for each parent and child from 13 to 18 weeks and to 23 weeks for widows and widowers," said Fakontis.
It would mean that freelancers and the self-employed are no longer unfairly excluded from shared parental leave legislation.
Shared Parental Leave was introduced in 2015 to offer choice to eligible parents when it comes to childcare, and allow mothers to return to work sooner if they wish to.
Does the right to parental leave apply to both parents?
Alternatively (after the first two weeks of 'compulsory maternity leave') if she wishes, she can reduce her maternity leave to create weeks of shared parental leave.
5 SHARED PARENTAL LEAVE ONLY parents who are employees can take SPL, and the other parent must also have some recent work history (which could be self-employed or employed).
Acting at its May 26 Key West meeting, the board accepted the recommendation of the Special Committee on Parental Leave in Court Actions.
She added: "Having parental leave paid means men will be more likely to take it up.
In this paper, we propose an affordable federal paid parental leave program, targeted to low-income families.
One major issue at the forefront of WiE's ongoing conversation is paid parental leave.

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