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1. Physiology Located outside the digestive tract.
2. Medicine Taken into the body or administered in a manner other than through the digestive tract, as by intravenous or intramuscular injection.

par·en′ter·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.parenterally - by parenteral means; "the drug is intended to be administered parenterally"
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Under Regulation 238 of The Human Medicines Regulations 2012, a person may parenterally administer a prescription only medicine specified in Schedule 19 where this is for the purpose of saving life in an emergency.
The new facility in Stein will be fully incorporated into Lonza's offering and will give pharma and biotech customers immediate access to the full range of development, testing and manufacturing services for parenterally administered medicines.
Given that virtually all biologics are parenterally delivered, the majority of these self-administered, the strong demand for wearable delivery devices, autoinjectors and pens, as well as pre-filled syringes and dual chamber products, is expected to continue in 2019."
Before surgery, antibiotic and dexamethasone (0.15 mg/kg) treatments were given parenterally to all patients.
Person-to-person transmission of HAV between those who report drug use or homelessness can result from unsafe sanitary conditions or specific sexual contact or practices, or it can be parenterally transmitted through contaminated needles or other injection paraphernalia (4-6).
Administered orally, parenterally, or topically, the drug is a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic commonly used to treat rheumatologic and orthopedic disorders.
Chitosan as an adjuvant for parenterally administered inactivated influenza vaccines.
Despite the administration of thiamine (100 mg parenterally for 5 d, followed by oral thiamine 300 mg/d indefinitely), our patient's memory and cognition remained unchanged.
WHO recommends 300 mg of oral nicotinamide or 100 mg parenterally daily in divided doses.