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Variant of perentie.
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Boomers re-sign Kines, Parenty, add newbie Morgenstern:
Maryam Moshiri and Hillary Kroeker have been appointed as student members to the University of Manitoba board of governors, while Ronald Fillion, Jennifer Davis-Persaud and Jean-Pierre Parenty have been appointed as regular members to the Universit de Saint-Boniface board of governors.
Pat Parenty will retire from his role as president of Professional Products Division (PPD) U.
Advancing from traditional steel to Strenx 110 XF performance steel can save weight and increase payload for trailer chassis," said Gregoire Parenty, EVP SSAB Services.
Also, Gregoire Parenty, currently Head of Marketing in the SSAB EMEA business area, has been named as the new EVP, Head of Marketing in the Group Executive Committee.
Panelists will include: John Heffner, chief executive officer, CND; Ron Krassin, president and chief operating officer, Zotos International; Pat Parenty, president, L'Oreal Professional division and Michael Riley, chief operating officer, Scruples.
EARLY IN 2009, Patrick Parenty was promoted to the position of president of brands for L'Oreal s Professional Products Division.
Maybe we should learn to think of them as 'parenty', and face the fact that if you're a parent, you need a parenty car, but unfortunately a lot of men still find that hard to accept.
Also elected to serve on the association board are: Steve Berglund, Don Calhoun, David Crompton, Dennis Eagan, Charles Foster, Russell Fowler, Phil von Hemert, John Olsen, Jean-Pierre Parenty and Chris Vasiloff.
Parenty is responsible for security-related product development at one of the top ten largest software companies in the world.
security is working," said Thomas Parenty, director of data and communications security for Sybase.