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n. pl. pa·re·os
Variant of pareu.


(ˈpɑr eɪˌu)

n., pl. -re•us.
2. Also, pareo. a length of usu. brightly colored cloth worn by women as a cover-up, skirt, dress, or the like.
[1855–60; < Tahitian]
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He painted her over and over again, sometimes with a pareo on and sometimes with nothing at all.
The visitors were from companies producing silk, fabrics, ready-made garments, silk scarves, stoles, Pareo shawls evening wear, beachwear, fashion accessories, tops, bottoms, trousers, jackets, kaftans, bags, embroidered shawls, silk blended products, natural silk carpets, and others.
Limited edition crochet coat, [euro]79.95, and pareo trousers, [euro]69.95 ZARA STUDIO
The 'transparent' term derives from the medieval Latin transparens, composed of trans,--that means through--and pareo, a verb that means 'to see' but also 'to appear' or 'to show'.
Featured artists include Jose Tong, Charles Buenconsejo, Clarissa Gonzalez, Ian Jaucian, Julius Redillas, and Megan Pareo.