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tr.v. pared, par·ing, pares
1. To remove the outer covering or skin of with a knife or similar instrument: pare apples.
2. To remove by or as if by cutting, clipping, or shaving: pared off the excess dough; pared fat from the budget.
3. To reduce, as in quantity or size; trim: pare expenses.

[Middle English paren, from Old French parer, to prepare, trim, from Latin parāre, to prepare; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]

par′er n.
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Noun1.parer - a manicurist who trims the fingernails
manicurist - a beautician who cleans and trims and polishes the fingernails
2.parer - a small sharp knife used in paring fruits or vegetablesparer - a small sharp knife used in paring fruits or vegetables
knife - edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle


[ˈpɛərəʳ] Npelalegumbres m inv


n (= apple-/fruit-parer)Schälmesser nt
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Des renforts securitaires avaient ete deployes sur les lieux par les autorites tunisiennes pour parer a tout imprevu.
Contract Award for: Repair of A-type quarter Civil sanitary work of parer hat road in the district of pirojpur
The peach parer was very similar to an apple peeler with one key difference.
5-inch parer, in either the Classic or Gourmet collection, along with accessory pieces, in a zippered case.
Selon des sources securitaires, une commission securitaire composee de hauts officiers des renseignements des deux pays qui vient d'etre installee se prepare actuellement a une reunion de coordination qui sera tenue prochainement pour parer a toute menace securitaire.
Didier Hauguel and Jean-Luc Parer will jointly head the international retail banking division, and Didier Valet will head the investment banking division.
Pour sa part, le president de l'Universite Mohammed V-Agdal, Wail Benjelloun, a releve que cette journee ambitionne de mettre en synergie les efforts des differents universites marocaines dans le domaine de la recherche scientifique dans la perspective de relever les defis inherents aux energies renouvelables et de parer aux problemes de la pollution.
Monti de parer aux menaces financieres contre l'Italie.
NICES PARER IDE 'My last four rides have all been 100-1 chances, so it's nice to get one on the board' Dominic Fox after winning aboard Nadema Rose at Yarmouth having replaced William Carson in the saddle
Parer said at the meeting sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco.