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 (pə-rē′sĭs, păr′ĭ-sĭs)
n. pl. pa·re·ses (-sēz)
1. Slight or partial paralysis.
2. General paresis.

[Greek, act of letting go, paralysis, from parīenai, to let fall : para-, beside; see para-1 + hīenai, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

pa·ret′ic (pə-rĕt′ĭk) adj. & n.
pa·ret′i·cal·ly adv.
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Noun1.paretic - a person afflicted with paresis (partial paralysis)
paralytic - a person suffering from paralysis
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Upon presentation, the macaw was approximately 5% to 10% dehydrated, paretic, and lethargic.
The physiotherapy approach is based on how to manipulate the paretic limb which is supported by a physiotherapist.
Paresis podules are localized areas of Reinke edema that can develop on paretic or paralyzed vocal folds, or on the contralateral vocal fold.
A neuropsychological and neuroimaging study of a patient before and after treatment for paretic neurosyphilis.
15] also showed improvements in paretic grip-lift performance accompanied by an immediate facilitation of ipsilesional M1 excitability after iTBS to the ipsilesional motor area.
Inhibition of the unaffected motor cortex by l Hz repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation enhances motor performance and training effect of the paretic hand in patients with chronic stroke.
Results: Significant difference was found between paretic extremity and non-paretic extremity (p < 0.
In this study, we described the development of a methodology to measure tip-pinch strength on the paretic hand rehabilitation device and aimed to investigate reliability of the device.
supporting the body mass over the paretic lower limb
The patient was determined to be in the chronic musculoskeletal and paretic phase of neuralgic amyotrophy (1) with residual biomechanical pain contributed via paresis of the right serratus anterior.
Paretic strabismus can be either concomitant or incomitant.