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(ˈpɑrəv; ˈpɑrvə) ,




(Judaism) Judaism containing neither meat nor milk products and so fit for use with either meat or milk dishes. Compare milchik, fleishik See also kashruth
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The sources said that dozens of the militants, including Mohsen al-Harbi from Saudi Arabia, Hamed Adam Khan Younes from Turkey, Radwan Parev from Chechnya, Mohammad Rashid Saleh al-Khasawneh from Jordan, and Mohannad Habib Nemaa from Iraq were killed in the abovementioned fighting areas.
In its Saturday edition, the daily ran a story reading "Religious Affairs, keep quiet: Sylav, parev and shalom."
Under the circumstances, a parev, non-committal statement from the SAJBD, if not exactly heroic, was at least understandable.