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 (pär-hē′lē-ə, -hēl′yə)
Plural of parhelion.
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They're a large family," he said, "these sun dogs, wind dogs, rainbows, halos, and parhelia.
The spots to the right and left of the sun are the 22[degrees] parhelia ("sun-dogs").
23), sun dogs and parhelia, and finally in "Der Leiermann" (no.
102-107, provide painstakingly accurate records of celestial phenomena like parhelia and lunar halos, while still occasionally gracing their suns and moons with Melies-esque smiling faces--as at fols.
I also developed an interest in sky phenomena --rainbows, glories, parhelia, setting Sun effects --where there is a rich and rewarding history, mixing fascinating mythology and outrageous legends with accessible and interesting physics.
6) Parhelia, an architectural folly-cum-funhouse by Asif Khan for Swarovski Crystal Palace, featured an environment that recreates an optical "ice halo" effect using over one million of the brand's crystals.
The Cantos are referred to with curious familiarity as though they are texts we already know: "Canto One, with all those amusing birds and parhelia," and "Canto Two, your favourite.
peeks ragged from the years West of vertical ice paradox parhelia &
They are also called halos or parhelia (meaning "beside the sun").
They shine to either side of the central blaze, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the parhelia sometimes seen on either side of the Sun.
Xi Graphics and Matrox have launched a suite of Xi Graphics' Accelerated-X Summit Series Linux graphics sub-system software for the Matrox Parhelia, Millennium P-Series, and QID graphics cards.