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also par·i·mu·tu·el  (păr′ĭ-myo͞o′cho͞o-əl)
1. A system of betting on races whereby the winners divide the total amount bet, after deducting management expenses, in proportion to the sums they have wagered individually.
2. A machine that records such bets and computes the payoffs.

[French : pari, wager (from parier, to wager, from Latin pariāre, to settle a debt, from pār, par-, equal; see perə- in Indo-European roots) + mutuel, mutual (from Old French; see mutual).]


n, pl pari-mutuels or paris-mutuels (ˌpærɪˈmjuːtjʊəlz)
(Gambling, except Cards)
a. a system of betting in which those who have bet on the winners of a race share in the total amount wagered less a percentage for the management
b. (as modifier): the pari-mutuel machine.
[C19: from French, literally: mutual wager]


or par•i•mu•tu•el

(ˌpær ɪˈmyu tʃu əl)

1. a form of betting on horse races, in which those holding winning tickets divide the total amount bet in proportion to their wagers.
2. Also called pari-mu′tuel machine′. an electronic machine that registers bets in pari-mutuel betting as they are made and calculates and posts the changing odds and final payoffs.
[1880–85; < French: literally, mutual bet]


a system of betting used at horseracing tracks under which holders of winning tickets divide the total amount wagered in proportion to their wagers.
See also: Gambling


A French term meaning mutual bet, used to mean a system of betting in which the total stake is divided among the winners.
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