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I heard Vixen squeal; half a dozen of the curs closed in on her; a white streak came up behind me; a cloud of dust rose near Vixen, and, when it cleared, I saw one tall pariah with his back broken, and the bull wrenching another to earth.
He explained to me, keeping his eyes straight in front of him, that he had met this dog (he called him awful names) walking alone, and was going to take him to the Fort to be killed for a masterless pariah.
I said that Garin did not seem to me much of a pariah, but that he had better take him to the Fort if he thought best.
Shortly Tom came upon the juvenile pariah of the village, Huckleberry Finn, son of the town drunkard.
All over the plain, cattle and buffaloes were grazing, and when the little boys in charge of the herds saw Mowgli they shouted and ran away, and the yellow pariah dogs that hang about every Indian village barked.
The night-scavenger, the pariah, the miserable, the despised, the man without caste!
But Kim had danced off ere the end of the sentence, dodging pariah dogs and hungry acquaintances.
Dr Mahathir courted controversy when he said Malaysia does not want to treat Australian multinational company Lynas like a pariah, as this could shake investor confidence.
In a June email, Powell wrote: "Trump is a national disgrace and an international pariah." In another email, he said of Trump: "He appeals to the worst ...
The answer is steeped in her years as a pariah and her insights into dehumanization.
"There's going to have to be a transition inside of Iran, even if gradual, in which there's a recognition that chanting 'Death to America' or denying the Holocaust among its leaders or threatening Israel with destruction or, you know, providing arms to Hezbollah, which is on the terrorist list--that those things make Iran a pariah in the eyes of a large part of the world," Obama said Monday in an interview with, a website aimed at millennials.
Suddenly was a pariah, hell-I once had a snotty email from OMD's Andy McCluskey about a review I wrote of his band, but on the C/ip side I was once thanked by Ringo Starr via an intermediary - albeit when I gave him a positive review.