parietal bone

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parietal bone

Either of a pair of large, irregularly quadrilateral bones between the frontal and occipital bones that together form the top and the upper parts of the sides of the skull.
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parietal bone

(Anatomy) either of the two bones forming part of the roof and sides of the skull
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pari′etal bone`

either of a pair of bones forming, by their union at the sagittal suture, part of the sides and top of the skull.
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Noun1.parietal bone - either of two skull bones between the frontal and occipital bones and forming the top and sides of the craniumparietal bone - either of two skull bones between the frontal and occipital bones and forming the top and sides of the cranium
entomion - the craniometric point at the tip of the angular part of the parietal bone that articulates with the temporal bone
sphenion - the anterior tip of the parietal bone
membrane bone - any bone that develops within membranous tissue without previous cartilage formation; e.g. the clavicle and bones of the skull
braincase, brainpan, cranium - the part of the skull that encloses the brain
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pa·ri·e·tal bone

n. hueso parietal, uno de los dos huesos situados en la parte superior y lateral del cráneo.
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In the surgeon's deposition it was stated that the posterior third of the left parietal bone and the left half of the occipital bone had been shattered by a heavy blow from a blunt weapon.
2) revealed soft tissue dense lytic lesion involving the parietal bone, predominantly the outer cortex and extending upto vertex.
Master Chuan Yin, head of the Buddhist Association of China, has said that it was part of Buddha's parietal bone.
(3,8) They are usually the result of temporal or parietal bone trauma.
1: Occipital bone; 2: Parietal bone; 3: Frontal bone; 4: Frontal sinus; 5: Sphenoid bone; 6:Occipital bone; 7:Atlas; 8:Axis; 9: Nuchal ligament; 10: Dorsal rectus muscle of the head, 11: Semispinalis capitis muscle; 12: Ventral rectus muscle and long muscle of the head; 13: Olfactory lobe; 14: Left cerebral hemisphere; 15:Cerebellum; 16: Spinal cord; 17: Epidural rostral rete, rostral part; 18:Rostral cavernous sinus; 19: Caudal cavernous sinus; 20: Ventral petrosal sinus; 21: Basilar venous plexus; 22:Occiput atloi'dien venous plexus; 23:Internal vertebral venous plexus.
The graft, which measured approximately 9 X 2 cm, was harvested in the anteroposterior direction along the flattest portion of the parietal bone (figure 3).
Base of the ulcer was intact parietal bone. There were no other anomalies.
Dorsal view of the skull of female blackbuck showing parietal bone (a), frontal bone (b), zig-zag interfrontal suture (c), supraorbital foramen (d), orbit (e), fronto-nasal suture (f), facial tuberosity (g), maxilla bone (h), Internasal suture (i), nasal bone (j), nasal process (k), palatine process of incisive bone (l), palatine fissure (m), incisive bone (n), inter-incisive fissure (o).
The maximum height and width of the parietal bone was 4.17 [+ or -] 0.006 cm and 6.16 [+ or -] 0.01 cm, respectively.
DISCUSSION: Sutural bones are most common at the borders of the parietal bone (12).