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1. Relating to or forming the wall of a body part, organ, or cavity.
2. Of or relating to either of the parietal bones.
3. Botany Borne on the inside of the ovary wall. Used of the ovules or placentas in flowering plants.
4. Dwelling within or having authority within the walls or buildings of a college.
1. A parietal part, such as a wall or bone.
2. parietals The rules governing the visiting privileges of members of the opposite sex in college or university dormitories.

[Middle English, from Late Latin parietālis, of a wall, from Latin pariēs, pariet-, wall.]
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pl n
(Education) informal US the regulations that govern living within a college
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Would you have any objection to my running my finger along your parietal fissure?
In the surgeon's deposition it was stated that the posterior third of the left parietal bone and the left half of the occipital bone had been shattered by a heavy blow from a blunt weapon.
PUPC 71/57 is part of the original skull, basically the opisthocranium, which makes it an incomplete specimen retaining only the following: occipital region, occipital condyles, paraoccipital process, part of the parietals, the auditory bullae and the basisphenoid (Fig.
The main characters defining the new fossil skull are: the wide posterior tuberosities of the basioccipital, the large bullae, and the absence of horn cores (according to the plesiomorphic shallow temporal fossae, weak temporal lines, parietals in the dorsal plane).
scutiventris fails to cover the posterior portion of the parietals, while that of L.
Tail ringed in red or orange; body black or dark brown, with yellow or orange ventral spot extending up the sides; pale body rings, if present, short, few in number, and poorly defined; pale cephalic ring fails to completely encompass parietals 2 Head, tail, and body ringed with pale pinkish orange; pale body rings longer than or as long as intervening black rings, continuous and well defined; pale cephalic ring completely encompasses parietals Leptomicrurus renjifoi 2.
The majority of the injuries at Catarpe are located on the nasal bones (n=4), followed by the frontal (n=3) and the parietals (n=3).
The majority of the traumas in Yaye are found on the nasal bones (n=17) and left parietal (n=13).
Se observo tambien una reaccion endosteal de hueso nuevo, un area allanada en la escama occipital y un surco en el parietal asociado a una zona de reabsorcion frontoparietal.