parity checking

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par´i`ty check`ing

n.1.(Computers) The process of performing a parity check.
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The ARC SEM Processors offer advanced security features including side-channel protection, a tamper-resistant pipeline with inline instruction, data and address scrambling, error detection and parity checking on memories, and secure debug to protect against theft of keys, code or other sensitive information.
Further, the S2A provides enterprise-class data protection and reliability with multiple levels of redundancy, incorporating on-the-fly parity checking of all read I/Os and Hardware RAID 6 with no loss of performance across a broad range of computational, visualization, and nearline environments.
The problem was due to a hardware design omission (no parity checking in memory), hardware failures (the coexistence of two bogus versions of a node status message resulting from memory errors), and generous algorithim design (overly permissive garbage collection).