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Noun1.park commissioner - a commissioner in charge of public parks
commissioner - a government administrator
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Flowers, echoing previous comments from park Commissioner Jessica Sergeev, questioned whether the low voter turnout in last spring's election somehow dilutes the apparent level of public support for exploration expressed through the referendum.
She was next to Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman (left) and Oakland Park Commissioner Larry Gierer (right)
Aramanda was appointed as Hudson County Park Commissioner for the term of 196466 and as Jersey City Harbor Commissioner for 1967-71.
Political experience: Mendon park commissioner and selectman
Park commissioner qualifications, responsibilities of the office, and application forms may be obtained from 9 a.m.
Masciarelli, park commissioner for three years; Michael D.
Let's give our Mundelein Park District new vision and experience simultaneously by voting for Ron Greenburg for Mundelein park commissioner. I am.
Civic involvement: Glen Ellyn Park Commissioner, past president Glen Ellyn Rotary; past president Glen Ellyn Rotary Foundation; co-founder Glen Ellyn Children's Resource Center; past president Faith Lutheran Church; 21-year youth soccer and basketball coach.
Some of my accomplishments during my 12 years as a Park Commissioner include: Keeping the facilities in good working condition: we recently renovated the kitchens and floors in the Community Center and Senior Center, we have been repaving various Park District Parking lots; we are building a beautiful park to replace the broken and underutilized Plum Grove Pool area, We have added shade structures to parks.
As a Park Commissioner, I would make this project a top priority and do my best to include as many of the most desired features based on community feedback.
Robert Robbuccio, 26 Woodbury St., is seeking a three-year seat as park commissioner. He is the only candidate on the ballot besides Mr.

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