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[5] Parka: a light, hooded, smock-like garment made of cotton drill.
Carefully, slowly, through long minutes, he worked the bare hand inside his blankets, up under his fur parka, through the chest openings of his shirts, and into the slightly warm hollow of his left arm-pit.
And thou shalt hunt meat for me and Old Kinoos, and I shall cook thy food, and sew thee warm parkas and strong, and make thee moccasins after the way of my people, which is a better way than thy people's way.
The Toronto based firm, best known for its luxury parka jackets, increased its revenue by 59 per cent to CA$71.1m (PS44.3m), while its net loss widened to CA$29.4m.
At the other extreme, bitterly cold weather can require a foil-length parka and make a belt holster nearly inaccessible.
Kolkata, India, February 04, 2018 --( Tarasafe offers new era product FR Efficace Hi-Vis parka range with FR protection for harsh winter weather.
Sites reported the most were stores that sold high-priced Canada Goose products such as Parka Store ( and Parka Outlet (
Good Morning Parka (khaki) - PS250, Mr Kite LS Grandad (black) - PS65, Rita Cord Jeans (off white) - PS90
Liam was wearing a black Stone Island parka for his Other Stage solo set last Saturday, when the theft occurred.
Liam Gallagher has blasted the thief who stole his beloved parka jackets while he played Glastonbury.