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n. Canadian
A multilevel structure for parking motor vehicles.

[Blend of park and arcade.]


(Automotive Engineering) Canadian a building used as a car park
[C20: from park + (arc)ade]



n. Canadian.
a building or other construction designed for parking motor vehicles.
[1955–60; b. park (v.) and arcade]
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Studio Dimensione's newly renovated showroom of Fritz Hansen is located at G/F One Parkade 28th St.
com)-- Calgary, AB-based leaders for parkade cleaning expertise, Green Scrub are now inviting Calgary property managers to review their parkade cleaning schedules for the 2018 budget year.
Friday reported that Murr was lying unconscious and not breathing in the alley between Olive and Willamette streets near the Parkade at East Seventh Avenue, and it appeared she had been bleeding.
The station now features glass paneling to improve visibility and lighting, a new elevator and up-and-down escalators to meet modern accessibility standards, and a secure bike parkade to support integrated modes of transportation.
His job was to balance beans for a parkade chain downtown, and since numbers had been up, he predicted he was in for a raise.
But this year the City of Bellingham and the Downtown Bellingham Partnership wanted to bring attention to the underused Parking Garage, which is also known as the parkade.
I stumbled upon these two as I was skating through the Savin Rock Parkade.
The Market Centre Parkade charges 75 cents per hour.
The case involved a plot to set off a series of explosions in the parkade of a large London office building.
The Gustav Voigts Centre is also one of the very few central properties with its own parkade on four levels, providing parking to about 250 cars, as well as convenient parking and access for patrons of the Kalahari Sands Hotel.
I think there's a place for everything that's out there," says Tracey Chapple of Local Garden, as I arrive on the top floor of a City-owned parkade on Richards Street.
The parkade is at the end of the line and the city wanted it to make a statement.