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(Human Geography) Canadian a small public park



n. Canadian.
a small park, usually open to the public and containing amenities like children's play facilities.
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The neighbouring Rose Garden, a small park, or parkette, was created as a Privately-Owned Publically Accessible Space (POPS).
These enhancements include the construction of a 100-foot large vessel floating dock, small vessel floating docks, a pedestrian promenade, as well as the rehabilitation of the existing activity parkette (landscaping, beautification, furniture, beach and picnic area).
Those projects will be linked to the Elgin Street Greenway, which is planned to go from Larch Street to the Nelson Street Parkette.
A Canadian flag hangs above memorial wreaths at Alexander the Great Parkette, the scene of a mass shooting on Danforth Avenue in Toronto.
Friends who live even closer say the shooting was at the Alexander the Great parkette. At 10pm on a summer night it is often filled with families and kids playing around the fountain," a man named Jeremy Barker tweeted.
But when I study a neighborhood parkette where a homeless trans-woman sleeps, I struggle to write sociologically about why simply blaming the state misses the point.
One sultry morning in July 2009, I stood in the Parkette at River Vale, New Jersey, where the remains of some of Baylor's Rebels had been hastily buried.
Others can be found in Little Norway Park, Trinity Bellwoods, Roxton Road Parkette and Christie Pits.
Alycia Campiglia and Christina Aicher worked as "Parkette" cocktail waitresses at the casino until 2008, when both became pregnant.
Simons, the market's main proponent on council, first suggested that about five vendors could sell their goods at Cobblestone Commons, the parkette on Grand River Street North in Paris.
Alex got the idea to build a drive-in restaurant; and the Parkette, as it was known, was a hit from the beginning.
That's right: Betty and Alex Schoenbaum founded the original Shoney's, then called the Parkette, in 1947.