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Noun1.parking space - a space where an automobile can be parkedparking space - a space where an automobile can be parked
space - an area reserved for some particular purpose; "the laboratory's floor space"
parkirni prostor
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The parking space crunch in Trashigang that lasted for years now will soon be resolved with the construction of a new parking lot by February end.
For every 25 parking spaces in public places, the proposed measure would require at least one exclusive parking space for PWDs.
A PARKING space in a popular holiday resort has sold for up to PS40,000.
The hunt for parking space is also time-consuming and it often renders people late for appointments or meetings.
Park 'N Fly[R] customers can now upgrade this August to a comfortable parking space that is 2 to 3 feet wider than the airport and other competitors parking spaces.
The app will allow users to search for nearby parking spaces and for each such parking space listing view information such as hours of operation, parking capacity, availability of valet services, car wash facility, etc.
YOU are more likely to find a safe car parking space in Solihull than most other places in the UK.
When the tenants get back in the evenings, there are fights over one parking space that is miraculously found.
He pointed out the maximum parking space requirements were axed by Government in 2011.
This habit of 'reserving' parking space causes confusion, traffic, inconvenience and results in insufficient parking areas where there originally should have been enough space for everyone.
KMC is about to act against buildings where parking space is used as warehouses and shops in violations of relevant rules.
Muscat: Commuters who struggle daily to find parking space in the capital and consider it a lottery if they find one quickly can now hope for better days ahead as the Muscat Municipality refocuses on plans for multi-storey car parks.