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Noun1.parking zone - a space where an automobile can be parkedparking zone - a space where an automobile can be parked
space - an area reserved for some particular purpose; "the laboratory's floor space"
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The parking zone plan follows a campaign in the ECHO which highlighted some of the most selfish examples of illegal and inconsiderate parking.
The council had been consulting on proposals to extend its controlled parking zone into Riverside but that has been scrapped.
Leicestershire County Council has published plans to impose a 24-hour Residents Parking Zone on parts of Edward Street, Grange Street and Lisle Street, Loughborough.
The new areas included in the green parking zone will be Gorni Lozenets, Krasno Selo, Oborishte and Vuzrazhdane.
A barrister has concluded that Coventry City Council's city centre parking zone is enforceable - subject to adequate signage.
The Traffic Penalty Tribunal had been reviewing Coventry City Council's Restricted Parking Zone Scheme (RPZ) to make sure it is fair after complaints were made that it was confusing and there weren't enough signs.
A new temporary on-street paid parking zone supported by electric vehicle charging points will be introduced in 2018.
Previously, drivers of saloon cars were charged Sh50 for spending more than 30 minutes at the parking zone.According to Kaps Ltd, a lost ticket will be charged a non-refundable fee of Sh1,000, same as unclamping fees.
PLANS for a controlled parking zone around St Andrew's have been thrown out.
"The enhancements include an additional level to the short term parking zone and an expanded long term parking area providing additional car parking spaces," the statement added.
The enhancements include an additional story to the short term parking zone and an expanded long term parking area providing an additional car parking spaces, which will become operational by February 15th, 2016.