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or Par·kin·son·ism  (pär′kĭn-sə-nĭz′əm)
1. A syndrome characterized by tremor, muscular rigidity, slowness of movement, and postural and balance abnormalities, caused by Parkinson's disease or other diseases or induced by trauma, infection, or a drug. Also called Parkinson's syndrome.
2. Parkinson's disease.

par′kin·so′ni·an (-sō′nē-ən) adj.


(Medicine) a person suffering from Parkinson's disease
(Medicine) of or relating to Parkinson's disease


(ˌpɑr kɪnˈsoʊ ni ən)

of, related to, or resembling Parkinson's disease.
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Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is an adult onset, progressive, idiopathic neurodegenerative disease that clinically manifest as MSA-C with cerebellar signs predominant, MSA-P with Parkinsonian features predominant and MSA-A with autonomic signs and symptoms.
Several factors can help you and your doctor determine if your shakiness is from ET or if it's a parkinsonian tremor.
In fact, alpha-synuclein aggregates are the main constituent of Lewy Bodies, characteristic proteins inclusions found in parkinsonian brains.
MRI guidance improves accuracy of stereotaxic targeting for cell transplantation in Parkinsonian monkeys.
Early dopaminergic drug-induced hallucinations in parkinsonian patients.
Interestingly, both agonists suppressed GID in parkinsonian rats at doses unable to affect LID in dyskinetic 6-OHDA-lesioned (nongrafted) rats, suggesting that foetal VM grafts induce a striking enhancement of the antidyskinetic effect induced by DA receptor blockade [44].
A correlation exists between diabetes severity and parkinsonism, or parkinsonian tremors, according to research at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
The four subdomains are comprised of Parkinsonian symptoms with 14 items, systemic symptoms with 7 items, social function with 7 items, and emotional function with 9 items.
The remaining twelve sections address specific subfamilies of movement disorders, presenting research results on the genetic basis, molecular biology, and clinical treatment of Parkinson disease, dystonia, Huntington disease, tremor, myoclonus, tics, paroxysmal movement disorders, tauopathies, other Parkinsonian syndromes, ataxias, hereditary spastic paraplegia, and restless legs syndrome.
The analysis also documented the rates at which patients developed parkinsonian symptoms.
The radiolabeled dopamine transporter receptor is used with single-photon emission computed tomography imaging for potential differential diagnosis of Parkinsonian syndromes and Dementia with Lewy Bodies.
That hesitation, that Parkinsonian affect, is an opportunity to just pause in a moment and collect as a character and respond to what's happening and just gave me this kind of gravitas.