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A sport or athletic activity in which the participant seeks to move quickly and fluidly through an area, often an urban locale, by surmounting obstacles such as walls and railings and leaping across open spaces, as in a stairwell or between buildings.

[French, from respelling of parcours, course (as in parcours du combattant, obstacle course (literally, "combatant's course")), from Old French, right to drive animals in an area, route, from Medieval Latin percursus, from past participle of Latin percurrere, to run through, rove; see percurrent.]


(Gymnastics) the sport or activity of running through urban areas while performing various gymnastic manoeuvres over or on man-made obstacles such as walls and buildings. Also called: free running
[C20: from French parcour, used by the creators of the activity to mean 'obstacle course']
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LAUSANNE -- The International Gymnastics Federation says Hiroshima will host the first world championships of parkour, moving ahead with its disputed control of the free-running sport.
In 2016, River Trails Park District became the first park district in Illinois to offer a dedicated indoor facility space for Parkour, a form of gymnastics, street acrobatics and free running.
Contract notice: furnishing of the "parkour" space in the urban hall of the gnicoud gymnasium - supply and installation
Parkour, Deviance and Leisure in the Late-Capitalistic City: An Ethnography
Parkour DXB offer 2 different camps for 2 different age groups!
In accordance with the decision adopted at the FIG Congress in Baku on December 2-3, parkour has been officially included in the gymnastics program, Trend reports citing Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation (AGF).
Egyptian women from Parkour Egypt "PKE" practice their parkour skills around buildings on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt July 20, 2018.
A man was caught in a video performing parkour stunts around town so he could reach his office on time.
Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid robot learned a new trick to surpass its human creators: parkour.
DoG owners can now take their four-legged friends to specialist classes offering 'dog parkour' following the launch of a new business in Stockton.
El presente documento elabora un analisis preliminar de la practica conocida como parkour, que consiste en el desplazamiento por la arquitectura urbana de manera efectiva y eficiente usando unicamente el cuerpo humano.

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