parliamentary government

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par′liamen′tary gov′ernment

government by a body of cabinet ministers who are chosen from and responsible to the legislature and act as advisers to a nominal chief of state.
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But in four years more the Parliamentary government, bigoted and inefficient, made itself impossible, and then for five years, until his death, Oliver Cromwell strongly ruled England as Protector.
Nonetheless, on the whole the results reported in Tables 3 and 4 strongly confirm the primary hypothesis of this paper that citizen attitudes toward parliamentary government is significantly influenced by measures of social capital.
The NNP, forced into an early election when its parliamentary majority was lost last November, crushed its opponents: Since 1984, when parliamentary government was restored here after the revolutionary years (1979-83), no party has been given two successive terms in government; Dr.
And, England is where the movement toward parliamentary government began.
The Vichy regime was established in 1940 on the ruins of the Third Republic by the enemies parliamentary government.
These two books represent a tandem assault upon the status quo in the study of parliamentary government.
Classic textbook definitions, such as the aphorism that in parliamentary government the executive must be supported by a parliamentary majority while presidents are chosen through national election, confuse rather than clarify Franco-American comparisons.
This book is an important work that explores federal and responsible parliamentary government under the Australian Constitution, It is the latest volume in the "Reshaping Australian Institutions" program to "rethink" Australia's key institutions before the federation's centenary celebration in 2001.
Since Parliamentary government had broken down, the affairs of government were conducted by the council of state with Cromwell as the protector.
A constitution was established, parliamentary government was instituted, and Japan changed from an isolated feudal nation to a world power.
Principles needed to successfully transition towards a full parliamentary government system detailed in discussion paper.
believes that the proposed Bangasamoro Basic Law (BBL) will not hurdle the Congress if it continues to push the "unconstitutional" creation of a parliamentary government in the Bangsamoro Region.

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