parliamentary monarchy

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Noun1.parliamentary monarchy - a monarchy having a parliament
monarchy - an autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority
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However, these parties have yet to provide clear explanations to this potential voter base for how participating in elections will achieve the goals listed in their founding charter -- most notably transitioning to a parliamentary monarchy system, building a democratic civil state and achieving social justice.
A socialist Meritxell Batet agreed the monarchy needed to become "more transparent and more modest," but insisted that "a parliamentary monarchy is more democratic that many republics and more republican than many republics.
He believed that the rights of minorities, such as his own Unitarian community, were best protected under the rule of law and parliamentary monarchy that had developed in the wake of the British civil wars of the 17th century.
Instead, he oversaw the creation of a new system of parliamentary monarchy, with a new constitution that was approved by referendum in 1978.
Government type: Parliamentary monarchy with hereditary constitutional monarch as head of state
She confuses party politics with politics: the sovereign's is essentially a political office within a constitutional, parliamentary monarchy in which the monarch acts in conjunction with elected bodies and ministers, themselves elected to Parliament but not to office and appointed through the royal prerogative exercised by the Prime Minister.
For Arab monarchies, this global experience would imply empowering parliamentary governance through a prime ministerial system with full accountability to the respective parliamentary majority; to terminate the appointment of prime ministers or members of parliaments, including the upper houses; to initiate a process of rewriting the national constitution aimed at properly organizing a new national consensus framed by a constitution-based parliamentary monarchy.
Morocco needs a parliamentary monarchy, one in which the king is a symbol.
The PJD has never been ambitious in terms of separation of power and a real parliamentary monarchy," a February 20 Movement leader, Zineb Belmkadem said.
New amendments ensure that the kingdom will, in a year's time, be transformed into a parliamentary monarchy with free and fair elections.
The constitution says the system is a parliamentary monarchy.
We will continue to press for a parliamentary monarchy, freedom, social justice and dignity," Aouni said.

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