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 (pə-rōl′, păr′əl) Law
Oral as opposed to written communication: a conveyance of land by parol.
Expressed or evidenced by an oral statement as opposed to a written document.

[Middle English parole, from Anglo-Norman, from Vulgar Latin *paraula; see parole.]


(ˈpærəl; pəˈrəʊl) law
1. (Law) (formerly) the pleadings in an action when presented by word of mouth
2. (Law) an oral statement; word of mouth (now only in the phrase by parol)
a. (of a contract, lease, etc) made orally or in writing but not under seal
b. expressed or given by word of mouth: parol evidence.
[C15: from Old French parole speech; see parole]


(pəˈroʊl, ˈpær əl)
Law. n.
1. something stated or declared.
2. (of evidence) oral.
[1470–80; earlier parole < Anglo-French, Old French < Vulgar Latin *paraula, syncopated variant of Late Latin parabola parable; compare parley]
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No more did he know that he had gone from half-way-through grammar school directly into the industrial reform school; nor that, after serving two years, he had been paroled out by Harris Collins, who made a living, and an excellent one, by training animals for the stage.
Others who had been discharged, or whose regiments had been paroled, were constantly passing near our place.
Summary: Kangra (Himachal Pradesh) [India], Aug 12 (ANI): The Himachal Pradesh police busted a racket and arrested six persons for allegedly posing as local candidates in a police recruitment examination, held in Parol village of Kangra district on Sunday.
It featured the traditional colorful lantern or parol and was accompanied with a 16th Pintado warrior body suit designed by Jearson Demavivas.
The Philippine history-inspired ensemble costume is a collaboration of the following: Jearson Demavivas (16th-century Pintado warrior body suit, T'boli accessories, parol pattern design); Eric Quiwa (parol/Christmas lantern maker); Rhyann Andrade (LED lighting designer and installer); Kim Fababair, Marina Ceriola, Renee Avila (Carlos 'Botong' Francisco mural-inspired painting artists); Tomas Ramirez (Philippine Baroque Church design-inspired Border Design made and designed from Apalit, Pampanga, coordinated by Mak Tumang); Jojo Bragais (knee-high boots with Mindanaoan textile patterns design assisted by Ardel Presentacion); Justine Aliman (overall styling); Jojo Luarca (videographer); Prof.
Gray's festive national attire was a collaboration among parol maker Eric Quiwa, fashion designer Jearsond for the pintados catsuit, architect-artist Carlos Buendia Jr.
The Christmas lantern, or parol as it is called in the Philippines, is traditionally made out of bamboo and paper and comes in various sizes and shapes, but generally the basic star shape is the most common.
Where a side agreement between the parties signed several months after their initial agreement mistakenly required performance on dates that had already elapsed prior to the signing of the side agreement, the agreement did not violate the parol evidence rule and the mutual mistakes could be properly reformed by the court to render the agreement enforceable.
The event will also feature fun activities such as the traditional Filipino "parol" (Christmas lantern)-making; and native sports demonstrations for the young and the young at heart.
Kyrgyzstani Alexander Parol took the 9th place in canoeing at the Asian Games in Incheon.
As everyone learns in law school, the parol evidence rule is supposed to protect the integrity of a written contract by prohibiting the admission of extrinsic evidence to vary or add to the terms of the contract.
Parol evidence of one's status as donee beneficiary is the subject of this essay.