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Others who had been discharged, or whose regiments had been paroled, were constantly passing near our place.
No more did he know that he had gone from half-way-through grammar school directly into the industrial reform school; nor that, after serving two years, he had been paroled out by Harris Collins, who made a living, and an excellent one, by training animals for the stage.
Carr said 16 foreigners had been paroled in Indonesia, but none yet in Bali.
At the time, parole board chairwoman Rissie Owens warned legislators about "miraculous recovery," or cases in which dying inmates have been paroled, then recovered and committed new crimes.
Bowser was paroled in November 2008, after serving three decades in prison for the murder of Shrewsbury Police Officer James J.
24, 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that state prisoners have no constitutional right to be paroled, reported the Arizona Daily Star.
Susan Dyer, 43, who a prosecutor once described as a ``walking time bomb,'' had been paroled after prison to Palmdale to keep her away from the Los Angeles woman, and over the Past 10 years she has been repeatedly in and out of prison and at least twice put into mental institutions, authorities said.
County probation and parole officers in Pennsylvania work with offenders who have been convicted of crimes resulting in maximum prison sentences of less than two years, while state parole agents under the Board of Probation and Parole are responsible for supervising offenders who have been paroled from maximum prison sentences of two years or longer.
The California legislature amended the statute in 1981, allowing the parole board to delay parole determination hearings for up to three years if the conviction was for taking a life and it was unlikely the prisoner would be paroled within that three year period.
About 12 percent of 150 inmates paroled from Sheridan within the last year have been re-arrested, compared to 27 percent of a similar group of inmates released from other state prisons, according to the corrections department.