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One who is released on parole.


(pə roʊˈli, -ˈroʊ li)

one receiving a parole.
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Noun1.parolee - someone released on probation or on parole
criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime
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26 killing of a Woburn police officer by a parolee caught breaking into a store.
CYPRUS yesterday saw its first-even parolee, a 37-year-old English Cypriot man imprisoned on the island after being jailed initially in the UK for manslaughter.
1) Importantly, parole supervision not only places conditions on a parolee's liberty, it also provides administrative agents of the criminal justice system--not judges or juries--the opportunity to re-incarcerate the parolee.
In addition, we interviewed 19 parole officers and tracked each parolee for six months after release.
A parolee brought an action under [section] 1983 alleging that a state parole agent and police officers violated his constitutional rights by searching his residence.
He said that, if a parolee gets a job at one business, his or her parole agent will sometimes inquire if there are any other open positions.
Gygi obtained a gun and paid a parolee to kill her ex-husband in 2015.
heterodox parolee problem"), however, have not occurred
The supervision component involves traditional, recurrent contact where an agent meets face-to-face with the parolee on a regular basis.
37) Voice is when the parolee has "an opportunity to tell [his or her] story to a decision maker.
said the issue stems from a 2001 incident in an Illinois nursing home in which a parolee raped an Alzheimer's patient.